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One more Post about Panel Building Templates

This week our shop finally had to actually make a template rather than just use one they’d already made, so I wanted to put up some pictures and write up the process.

The template they made is only going to be used for three panels, so the best option for that was a simple cardboard template.

The first thing that needs to be done is to find a piece of cardboard that’s either already the right size, or close to it so you can cut it to size.

As I’ve mentioned before, before you can make a template, you need a panel that’s already been laid out and drilled to make the template from.

Once you’ve got your panel and your cardboard, you’ll need to place the cardboard on the panel and make sure that the edges line up.

Once it’s lined up, punch holes in the corners so you can use screws to mount the template to the panels that you’ll be using the template on.

After it’s lined up and screwed down, flip the panel over so the back of it is showing and you can see the cardboard through the holes. Then drill the template through the holes.

The first time you use the template, you’ll want to mark the holes you need to drill, and then use a square to make sure that your template produces good results.

If you were making a template to be used over and over again for many panels, it would be better to mark the holes on the template and then to make sure the marks are square on the template before drilling.

When you’ve verified that your template works, you can drill your panel and get to work!

Keep in mind:
  • The nice thing about using cardboard for a short term use template is that if you make a mistake, it’s relatively easy and cheap to replace.
  • Don’t skip the beginning steps of creating mounting holes. Being able to place the template consistently from panel to panel is the whole point of a template.
  • Be sure to wear gloves, safety glasses, and take whatever other measures necessary to ensure a safe working environment.


What do you do differently when you make templates for electrical panels? Leave a comment below to share your ideas and we can try them out!

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