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What to Do when Your Automated System Fails

Have you ever had an automated system (in part or the whole thing) just stop working? Here’s what we do to try to diagnose the problem. Hopefully this can help you narrow your focus so you can get the help you need faster.

Question to ask yourself:

“What happened or changed prior to when the system quit working?”

If nothing changed then your problem is likely due to a component failure. If your system functioned just fine and suddenly stopped it’s not due to software because software doesn’t wear out or suddenly stop working.

If it was working unreliably before and not working now then it could be software or hardware. A failed piece of hardware would definitely be a suspect, but unreliability may also point to faults in the software.

After these steps we still need to narrow down our focus to get at the problem.

So the system as a whole has stopped working, but are there any parts that are still working? Which parts work and which don’t? What are the malfunctioning parts supposed to be doing? Lighting up? Rotating? Sounding an alarm? Once we can identify what elements are malfunctioning and what they ought to be doing, we can provide solutions.

It’s more effective to narrow down the possibilities and work purposefully rather than just dive in without any indication of where the problems are.

This is just a short introduction to a much more intricate method by which we diagnose and solve problems our customers face. How do you begin the process for diagnosing problems in your automated systems?

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