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Robinson Engineering installs control systems on over 30% of Ryson Spiral Conveyors

At Robinson Engineering we provide the “glue” that brings together often disparate subsystems into a coordinated and cohesive whole. The “glue” in this area of expertise is the required interfacing, both hardware and software, that enable smaller systems to operate together with the goal of fulfilling your desired overall functionality.

We see too often where shoot-from-the-hip is the standard approach that other parties employ. Sometimes this approach even appears to work, but where this approach falls short is in the attempt to duplicate, re-create, or expand functionality.

At Robinson Engineering we apply a systematic methodology to systems integration with thorough documentation and proven results. Our systems performance is predictable and measurable. We plan our systems to identify potential pit-falls or limitations ahead of time, and when there comes a time to expand your system’s capabilities, our documented approach enables us to jump right in and get to work to bring your system to the next level.

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Systems Integration Projects

control Panel

Integration of New Radios and Controls with Existing SCADA

In early 2010 we were able to work with the Town of West Point, VA to improve control of the town’s water towers by replacing old radios and controls with new ones...

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