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Useful Tools for Building Electrical Control Panels

There are a lot of tools around a panel shop. Some tools get used all the time, and some just for certain types of jobs. We wanted to go over a few tools today that may not be found in every shop that may not be necessary in every situation, they are definitely helpful (and perhaps lifesaving?) in others.

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The Portable Label Printer:

A portable label printer is a must for working in the shop as well as on-site, even if it doesn’t have the easiest interface and may at times be a pain to use. Having one of these around prepares you for unexpected situations where you need labels you maybe didn’t plan for.

Brady TLS 2200
The Label Printer:

This Brady BBP33 label printer can be an absolute lifesaver.

While the smaller, portable printer has the benefit of mobility, this stationary one brings with it speed, accuracy, and versatility. There are many different labeling options that work with this printer that all come in the same size cartridge so there’s no fiddling around to make sure labels are installed correctly and you also don’t have to mess with feeding it through so it prints because it’s an automatic function. A printer like this one can save a lot of time and is also useful if you have a variety of labels to print.

Brady Labelmark BBP33


The Wire Cutter:

Wait, don’t we already have a tool for that – wire cutters? Well, yes, but when you’re making many of the same panel it’s incredibly helpful to have a machine cut and strip 435 nine-inch 14 gauge wire than to do it over and over again yourself.

Eraser CS800 Wire Cutting Machine

This tool falls under the “nice to have but not really necessary” category.

The Terminal Label Printer:

There are different kinds of printers made for terminal labels, but our experience with the plotter-type wasn’t the best. Replacing the plotter with a printer that looks like you could bake a cake in, though, has been a delight. While not always (or ever?) necessary, such a printer can even print in color! Wow!

Some form of terminal label printer is necessary, but you’d probably want to stick with what you need and leave out the bells and whistles if you don’t need them.

Allen Bradley Clearmark Terminal Label Printer

What other tools do you have that you can’t do without? Are there any tools you wish you had but aren’t sure they exist? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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