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Three Panel Building Tips

Here are three panel building tips for you to think about over the weekend, or on Monday morning:

Placing an Unwieldy Panel in an Enclosure:

After mounting a PLC, a transformer, a VFD, terminals, and various other components, an electrical panel can get pretty heavy and difficult to maneuver. This difficulty can really become apparent when it comes time to place the panel in the enclosure.

A method that we have found is to attach zip-ties to the mounting holes on the panel and to hook your fingers into the loop and then to lower the panel in. After it’s in, you’ll just have to snip the zip-ties and pull them out. You’ll need two people to do this, but it can make the process a lot faster and easier.

Using a Vacuum when Drilling Fiberglass

Most of the enclosures we work with are metal, but occasionally we’ll work with fiberglass ones. As you may know, fiberglass can be a huge pain to work with because dust gets everywhere and is really irritating when it gets on your skin.

We currently have a project where we have to drill several holes in each of over a hundred enclosures. To make that task easier on our technician, we’ve attached our shop vac to the drill press so that it catches most of the dust right away. (The technician is also fashionably clothed in a paper body suit, gloves, and a

Attaching a Large Air Conditioning Unit to a Large Enclosure

To get a large air conditioning unit onto a large enclosure, we enlisted the help of a hydraulic lift table. First, though, we cut all necessary holes in the enclosure including ones for ventilation and the mounting hardware. Once the holes were cut, we placed the unit on the lift table and easily lifted it up to the proper height and were able to mount it with no problems. Here’s a video showing the removal of the lift to test the mounting:

What tips have you come up with for random or everyday panel building needs? Let us know in a comment below. And feel free to contact us if you’ve got something you’re working on that you can’t quite figure out. We’re glad to help!

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