Robinson Engineering, Inc.

About Us

Who we are


Monte Robinson, Founder and CEO of Robinson Engineering

Monte Robinson, Founder and CEO of Robinson Engineering

Robinson Engineering founder Monte Robinson earned his BS in electrical engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Va. A Professional Engineer for nearly 20 years, Monte began his postcollege career in submarine design and test engineering. He soon began to focus on design and integration of industrial automation and manufactured support systems. He incorporated Robinson Engineering in October 1999.

What we do

Ours is the sort of company where one week you’ll find engineers working on the control package for a reverse osmosis water plant that will ultimately produce beer in the Bahamas and the next week they’ll be tweaking their design for managing the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that control and monitor the water and wastewater systems for a growing Northern Virginia county and its residents. Important, but very different, stuff! We specialize in original equipment design for cutting-edge manufacturing, with an emphasis on efficiency – and that includes taking note of both the space requirements and workload. But take a look at our work and you’ll see we don’t shy from the challenge of transforming old systems into ones that will work with new ideas.

How we do it

We’d like to tell you it’s magic, but it’s really all about being talented engineers with an excellent understanding of how things work. That naturally leads to constantly refining our knowledge of how to make things work better. Each project we undertake is unique. One day it’s a control package for an enormous bookbinding machine for Muller Martini, a world leader in print finishing, and the next it’s figuring out how to create the right control package for an industrial mixer that’s small enough to fit on a workbench… or large enough to engulf a room. Or maybe we’re considering a retrofit of machinery to support the world’s leading solar energy company in its research and development of a power source that hasn’t been fully captured. We just never know.

Why it works

It all starts with our people, because the people make the business. Robinson Engineering’s success depends on the ability of our employees to offer a concise design, anticipate problems and identify solutions. We bring to the table the designers who give a project its life, and professionals with comparable expertise in mechanical and software engineering. The client’s goals are ours, and that’s why we stick with our clients, shepherding their project from the research phase all the way through design and a turn-key implementation. We don’t stop there; we know our system’s users will have ideas for improving the system and increasing functionality. We listen to that, and act.