Improved Accuracy through Upgraded Distance Measurement Sensors

In the middle of 2012 our customer asked for our help to upgrade some outdated position readers in a material handling system with a new, more accurate system. After 15 years of use, one of their storage retrieval machines still had functioning hardware, but the system driving it was old and had been custom-made and was therefore very difficult to service when problems occurred. To fix this, we integrated modern, sustainable technology with the existing hardware by creating a control system design for new laser distance measurement sensors to guide the machine, which added accuracy and improved overall system performance.

New PLC and HMI Help Saw See Better Days

When components fail and software becomes obsolete, it’s good when you can find a way to replace what’s broken but keep what’s still working. Such was our task when we worked with Superior Marble & Stone in April of 2012. To get one of their saw assemblies up and running again, we programmed and installed a new PLC and touchscreen interface to control the saw. We also installed a control power surge suppressor to help prevent future damage to the system. After installation and extensive on-site testing, the saw exceeded its original performance.

Integration of New Radios and Controls with Existing SCADA

In early 2010 we were able to work with the Town of West Point, VA to improve control of the town’s water towers by replacing old radios and controls with new ones and incorporating them with the remaining hardware and SCADA system. We programmed and installed a PLC that would interface with the existing components. We also designed and manufactured redundant local controls for each water tower so that they would still function in case of lost signal or power outage at the main control and monitoring office. In the near future we will upgrade the system’s SCADA package for improved control, data collection, and event notification.

CE-Certified PLC and Drive Enclosures Make Their Way to Europe

We regularly have opportunities to work with Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation and in 2010 one such opportunity took our work, and for a few days one of our engineers, all the way to Eastern Europe. The project included three complete drive packages and one turn-key PLC enclosure to be used as mill and disperser control packages. Each of the four enclosures used was delivered CE-certified, quality-assurance tested and ready for use.

Control System for Hazardous Waste Remediation System

In November 2011 we completed a control system for a hazardous waste remediation system for a US manufacturer of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems. The system controls pumps and filters involved in the concentration of liquid waste. What made this project stand out was its size: we utilized two large, free-standing enclosures with one housing drives and the other housing operations equipment and also five smaller, remote I/O enclosures. Our team of engineers and shop technicians completed this project in the design, programming, and building phases and it is currently being prepared on-site for implementation.

Systems Integration Solutions

Robinson Engineering installs control systems on over 30% of Ryson Spiral Conveyors

At Robinson Engineering we provide the “glue” that brings together often disparate subsystems into a coordinated and cohesive whole. The “glue” in this area of expertise is the required interfacing, both hardware and software, that enable smaller systems to operate together with the goal of fulfilling your desired overall functionality.

We see too often where shoot-from-the-hip is the standard approach that other parties employ. Sometimes this approach even appears to work, but where this approach falls short is in the attempt to duplicate, re-create, or expand functionality.

At Robinson Engineering we apply a systematic methodology to systems integration with thorough documentation and proven results. Our systems performance is predictable and measurable. We plan our systems to identify potential pit-falls or limitations ahead of time, and when there comes a time to expand your system’s capabilities, our documented approach enables us to jump right in and get to work to bring your system to the next level.

Automated Control Systems Engineering

At Robinson Engineering we have experience with a wide variety of automation systems.

At Robinson Engineering we have a wide breadth of experience in making productive use of many automation platforms from the world’s manufacturers. We design, program, and fabricate systems based on the complete spectrum of capabilities including:

  • Programmable Controllers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) or Operator Interface Terminals (OIT)
  • Servo Systems
  • Stepper Motor Systems
  • Integrated Motion Control Systems
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems
  • Database Systems

In support of these automation applications, we have vast experience in designing the appropriate support hardware including:

  • Enclosure systems
  • Power distribution systems
  • Contactors
  • Discrete operator interface devices (pilot devices)
  • Wiring systems

Custom Built Electrical Control Panels

An integral component in our mission to provide turn-key, integrated automation systems is the Robinson Engineering Panel Shop. With over 3000 square feet of production space, our UL-508A certified facility can produce a large number of assemblies to exact specifications.

Our assembly space includes both 460 VAC and 230 VAC 3-Phase power. This enables our testing to simulate actual factory conditions. Our facility also includes space for building pilot and prototype equipment.

In addition to building panels of all sizes, our technicians fabricate cable assemblies and wiring harnesses and are also capable of soldering printed circuit boards and surface mount soldering.

Every assembly must pass a thorough and documented quality assurance inspection before leaving our facility.

Control System Upgrades

Our engineers are experienced in helping companies save money and reduce waste by extending the life of quality industrial machinery through control systems upgrades. By taking advantage of state-of-the-art system integration, a control system upgrade can provide increased performance, reliability, throughput, diagnostics, and reporting.

As time passes, machine hardware can remain sound while drives and controls may become obsolete or inadequate, and after a company has made a significant investment in machine acquisition– along with the associated costs of tooling, training, setup, and maintenance – a control system upgrade can provide a like-new machine experience for a substantially smaller investment.

We are happy to perform a return-on-investment analysis to help determine if a control system upgrade is right for your situation. If it is, we will work with you to plan and coordinate the upgrade with a goal of minimizing downtime so you can get back to work with improved results.