Robinson Engineering, Inc.


Systems Integration Projects

control Panel

Integration of New Radios and Controls with Existing SCADA

In early 2010 we were able to work with the Town of West Point, VA to improve control of the town’s water towers by replacing old radios and controls with new ones...

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Automation Projects

Electrical Control Enclosure for Bucket Elevator

We’re used to working with Ryson International on their spiral conveyers, but having the opportunity to help out with a bucket elevator in early 2012 was something new for us. The objective...

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Panel Building Projects

CE-Certified PLC and Drive Enclosures Make Their Way to Europe

We regularly have opportunities to work with Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation and in 2010 one such opportunity took our work, and for a few days one of our engineers, all the way to...

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Control System for Hazardous Waste Remediation System

In November 2011 we completed a control system for a hazardous waste remediation system for a US manufacturer of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems. The system controls pumps and filters involved in...

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System Upgrades Projects

Improved Accuracy through Upgraded Distance Measurement Sensors

In the middle of 2012 our customer asked for our help to upgrade some outdated position readers in a material handling system with a new, more accurate system. After 15 years of...

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New PLC and HMI Help Saw See Better Days

When components fail and software becomes obsolete, it’s good when you can find a way to replace what’s broken but keep what’s still working. Such was our task when we worked with...

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